Flights and Traverses (2013)

‘Flights and Traverses’ is a series of five long poems / sequences produced in response to a commission by Brian Lewis at Longbarrow, and is one of seven contributions to The Footing, an anthology of poetry inspired by or relating to the act of walking.  The collection, incorporating work by Angelina Ayers, James Caruth, Mark Goodwin, Andrew Hirst, Chris Jones and Fay Musselwhite, was published in October 2013.

‘Flights and Traverses’ follows a series of itineraries in and around Sheffield, and was conceived as an attempt to inscribe five one-way journeys relating to public or private events: the migration of an ancestor, the funeral cortege of a Chartist, the flight of a gang following a murder, an imagined walk of a great uncle from parental home to asylum, and the traces of a bombing run targeting the city.  All the poems draw from the tension between the inevitable and the possible:

From the corner you could go anywhere.  Leveson Street,
Warren Street, under the arches of Norfolk Bridge, over the river

A sort of quantum poetics.


the best anthology of new work that I’ve read in years; anyone with an interest in contemporary British poetry should read it – Billy Mills, Sabotage

The Footing is available from Longbarrow Press.


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