Yoke and Arrows

‘The Granada of Yoke and Arrows is a city of mind and of the soul –its dark night, indeed– and Hindle’s empathetic poem-depictions of the last days and nights of García Lorca in a scorching August of 1936 are by turns deeply touching, hypnotic, and often exceptionally choreographed. This is a highly accomplished collection, and quite apart from its considerable poetic qualities, is also a worthy contribution to the long canon of Spanish Civil War-related British literature, as well as surely one of the most empathetic, sensitively handled and carefully sculpted poetic tributes to García Lorca, his life and his poetry.’

Alan Morrison, The Recusant (April 2014)


‘Centring round the death of Lorca, this affecting book plunges the reader into the claustrophobia and terror that marked the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. The poems are beautifully realised, burning like the Spanish sun into memory, reminding us of all the places in our contemporary world where people still have to ‘…watch it darken / and grow unfamiliar.’ Overarching and lifting the whole narrative is Hindle’s acute awareness of our shared humanity.’

Moyra Donaldson


‘A voice subtle and alluring … stunning images even with known components and truly moving, memorable, classic set-pieces. The flavour of Spain is savoured – light, sharp, carnal, concise – but without being in any sense about surface or in any way decorative. What there is is felt, real, authentic, the sense of place and people ‘built’, the perceptions crisp and sharp and fixed and rightly, justly, economical. A mature tour de force.’

Damian Smyth


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